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Connecting android phone...

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I have a Samsung Note 4, and have added music flac files to it, is there anyway I can connect the phone to my 2001 Peugeot, so I can listen through my car stereo?

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Re: Connecting android phone...

Post by gazza82 »

Unlikely with the original headunit unless you can find an adapter to connect via a jackplug to the cd changer connector. But with the cost it might be easier to fit a modern unit.

Swapping one out on the 2001 isn't hard but you will need a dash adapter as it isn't rectagular and correct wiring to swap some of the power leads. We fitted a Sony unit and it was very simple supplied with the wiring adapters. We didn't bother with the steering column control though.
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Re: Connecting android phone...

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We use a little FM Bluetooth adaptor that fits in the cigarette lighter socket.


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