Batton down the hatches

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Batton down the hatches

Post by Capncol »

Cheers Col.

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Re: Batton down the hatches

Post by Rivis »

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Re: Batton down the hatches

Post by rushman1uk »

We have the strong winds & rain. I've heard the bin(s) fall over, their staying like that until the morning. Wether their on our drive or in someone else's garden i shall find out tomorrow lol.
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Re: Batton down the hatches

Post by tenpole »

My daughter bless her said she was scared of the wind blowing a gale last night. I told her it was not so bad and told her about the storm of 1987.
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Re: Batton down the hatches

Post by bertie1 »

Yes wasnt good spent the evening sailing from dover to essex was a wee bit rough!
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