Roof issues

Electrical 206CC problems
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Roof issues

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Hi, I am having problems with the roof on my 206cc. It was taken off the road for the winter months (approx 6 months) and now the weather is getting better we wanted to make the most of it. We have followed all of the usual step i.e netting out in the boot and undoing the release dog clips. We have noticed that the usual sound when undoing the release dog clips is not present. When you try then to lift the switch to start the process of opening the roof nothing happens. Does anyone have any ideas of some next steps or what could have gone wrong?

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Re: Roof issues

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This problem has already been covered in the Roof section of Problems (rather than Electrical). The problem is often caused by dirt in the roof catch microswitch contacts. The first thing to try is to spray the roof catches at the top of the windscreen pillars with contact cleaner (NOT WD40, which is a dirt attractant). Spray into the holes which the roof panel "probes" enter. I recommend the type of contact cleaner which does not have lubricant, as the lubricant can retain dirt.

As your roof does not open, you will have to manually move it enough to get the spray into the switches. You will have to depressurise the roof hydraulics to do this, by following the relevant part of the procedure to manually raise the roof (see the Peugeot Owners Handbook).

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