BSI ..unit - software

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BSI ..unit - software

Post by Lilsonic »

Hi to you all .....I’m a newbie here & a new owner to my 206cc,
My Q ? ... for you all is I took my 206 in to a main Peugeot dealers to have
The central locking system looked at, the dealer have come back to me with
The possible fault being the BSI UNIT, & also needing 2 new door locks ..
As I’m sure you fellow members in here would be aware, main dealers charge
2 arms & 2 legs ... is there anyone on here who would recommend a good mechanic
Who would have access to the Peugeot software to program up what will need programming after a new BSI & new door locks are installed
I live on the Devon/Somerset u.k boarder ...

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Re: BSI ..unit - software

Post by Capncol »

Hmmm!! BSI AND both door locks???
I would get a second opinion if I were you. Your BSI is possibly not the issue.
Cheers Col.

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