Windscreen window weather-strip

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Windscreen window weather-strip

Post by mrsofa »

Hello, My windscreen is cracked. I've found a used one for 80€ and it doesn't have the seal around it.
Where can I get this seal? Can't find it anywhere. The parts number is 8120G8.
Also, is it necessary? Some cars I have don't even have it, kind of looks it's just for cosmeticall purposes.

On pic part no 2

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Re: Windscreen window weather-strip

Post by IanL »

According to the figure, the weatherstrip (Item 2) is supplied By Peugeot together with the glass (Item A) and the support shim (Item 4). There are four variants of the glass, depending on whether you have rain sensor and heated or unheated windscreen.

If the glass is coming from a 3rd party source, without weatherstrip and support shim, I imagine it is expected that the original parts are re-used.

There is a 2nd hand glass plus weatherstrip currently on Ebay uk, and there are several generic weatherstrip offerings on Ebay.

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