Hi just got through my first year of 206cc ownership

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Hi just got through my first year of 206cc ownership

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Right it's been a while since owning my 206cc 2001 2.0iI se black with black n red leather seats

Bought in March 2022 which bought as a project for 450 pounds but i have spent a few bob and lot of time restoreing/modding lol ive so far changed/replaced

Front suspension arms and bushes ball joints
Front suspension springs and shocks
Top front suspension mounts
Drop links
Steering rack ends
Tracking on wheels
Front Wheel bearings
every engine mount
sub engine mounts
switch for Windows and mirrors
repaired seat bolster
swapped stereo for after market blutooth stereo
Fitted a shallow 12inch 1200w subwoofer in boot
All four tyres changed
Drilled and grooved brakes with Brymbo pads
Catalytic converter(snapped in half)
Cat back full stainless exhaust 2/12 inch
Sprayed the roof rattle can job had laquer peel
Drivers wing mirror other one fell apart on way home
Enclosed air induction kit
Rear lights clear
Spark plugs/oil/oil filter
Rocker cover gasket
Oil sensor
Oil cap
Oil sump gasket
Steering wheel stitched on a leather cover
New bright bulbs
Painted engine cover black n red like rest of the car
Repaired window drivers side not fully opening
Painted brake calipers red
Replaced breather plastic pipes
Changed fluids anti freeze/brake/steering

But although doesn't look like a minter (not bad tho) drives spot on now and i still got a few things on the to do list like

nice set of wheels for it not in any hurry if they come up cheap on ebay some 17 inch deep dish maybe

An engine remap not that I need it anf not that i will gain a great deal the cars pretty quick but seen as done this much may

Window tynte maybe

Front lights/covers

Front grill bumper mesh

Can't wait for summer next year finally be able to drive car without something knocking banging and clanging with roof down

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