Panels hard to find new

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Panels hard to find new

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Hi, After 23 years of ownership from new my wife's 206cc was hit in a Sainsburys car park by a person not paying attention. Short version is insurance company is writing off the vehicle due to age but it only needs a new NSF wing and front bumper assembly. Painted Panels no longer have a source for 206cc wings or bumpers which we found out after paying them. They have refunded the money and given the bad news. Does anyone know a source for new wings and front bumper assemblies?

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Re: Panels hard to find new

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Try scrapyards ("dismantlers"). Ebay can come up trumps.

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Re: Panels hard to find new

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Only place I used for 206 panels has also gone out of business. It's probably second-hand now or an expert panel beater.

Make sure you get the correct wings as some do not have the extra fairing around the wheel arch and don't line up properly with the bumper .. they might be the same as the hatchback GTi versions.

And yes our 206CC had odd wings!
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