206CC to 350Z Roadster

Post in here if ya owned a CC but moved on
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Oh a new section :D

I sold my 206CC 2.0SE in November 2004 after getting it in March 2002. It was the 2nd one as the first one bought in December 2001 was rejected.

Despite a lot of problems it was a great car and I miss it - maybe something to do with the fact that I am currently driving a new MG ZR which I got in a straight swap for the 206CC.

I was fully intending to get a 307CC 180 in March 2005 but changed my mind at the last minute and ordered a Nissan 350Z Roadster. I decided that spending £22/23k (after modifications) on another Peugeot was too big a risk after quality issues on the 206CC and appalling dealer back-up and competence.

Having owned 7 new Peugeots in 10 years, Peugeot have lost a loyal customer due to their poor dealer service and their own lack of interest in looking after their customers.

If you have a 206CC and are looking to modify then look no further than Ecosse www.ecosse-peugeot.co.uk who done an excellent job on mofications to the 206CC that I owned.

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Nice choice of Motor....Another CC owner bites the dust!

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Here here Derek!

I've had 3 Pugs in 10 years, but unlike you I didn't have any quality issues pre or post purchase. I was convinced the 307CC was the car to have next, but thank goodness I waited to drive one before being tempted to place an order at pre-launch.

The driving experience of the 307CC was a real dissappointment. Sports version was "laggy" - once it got going it was fine but I knew from the first set of traffic lights that this wasn't the car for me. I'm not a boy racer, but it left me with the feeling that the car was a few seconds behind my expectations of moving forward.

The build quality of the 307CC was a marked improvement on the 206, but I felt it was empty, bland and unengaging.

The MINI on the other hand was totally refreshing in all the areas that I mentioned were lacking. It's amazing how a combination of design, build, ergoniomics etc. etc. all come together to give a "feel good" feeling, which I am sure is the same as the experience you have had with the Nissan.

Peugeot are almost there, and when they get all the elements lined up I won't hesitate to go back. It must be sad for them to have built loyalty and lose it because they've lost touch with what people want.