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Hi couple of things to add to your postings if I may......

I have a friend who has a red 355 and it is truly stunning, you have to go for red though, anything else isnt quite right and green is terrible :yuck:

I was thinks about a slk as they are fairly cheap and have the best of both worlds with regard to a roof and then I made a dreadful mistake :cry: Another friend (sad bloke eh?) bought an AMG55 slk and took me out for a blast :shock: It is the dogs danglies, the mutts nuts, da bollx, really very nice indeed.

V8 5.4 ltr, full leather, electric everything, hand built engine with mechanics name plate, speed limited to 155, you name it it has it and then some more

For some reason its not as iconic as a ferrari but is such a head turner, it has more comfort than the 355 a better ride, didnt touch down on every speed hump and best of all was cheap as chips as merc UK are trying to get them out on the roads.

So my humble advice would be ... get a AMG55 or a Red Ferrari 355

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Post by carl »

I got burnt by Merc before and would be reluctant to get another. However an AMG SL55 would be nice :D

I am convinced now that *when* I finally get a Ferrari, it will be red. Personally I'm not that keen on it, but they call it "Resale Red". There's a guy with a metallic grey 355 on Ferrarichat.com who's been trying to sell it for 6 months! With ~£50k invested in a car, I'd want to know I could get shot of easily if necessary.
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Ferrari has to be red!!!!... and the 360 spider is a dream, my favourite... doubt you will get one for 50k tho.

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Post by carl »

No, you can get a 355 spider RHD for £50k, or LHD for £40k. 360 Spiders are up at £75k+ at present, but they won't be forever, particularly when the 430 Spider comes out.
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at the end the of the day it's still gonna be a ferrari 8)

would love one meself but way outta me price range.

(now where's me ski-mask and the local bank :twisted:)
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