New Tigra Update

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Ok 5 months on from owning a New Tigra- here are my thoughts for anyone interested:

Pros: :D
Much quieter than the 206cc no squeaks rattles or undernerving window shakes with the roof down
Handling marginally better than the 206cc
Altogether feels slightly better built & would miss the Tigra's mp3 player.
Boot with the roof down is much better than the 206cc (you can actually fit shopping in and get to it.... although you would have put it on the back seats in the 206cc)

Cons: :(
Fuel consumption on the 1.4 Tigra is crap compared to the 1.6 206cc driven my average speed the Tigra drinks more.
It sucks up hills, I mean really sucks, a landcruiser towing a trailer with a horse in it can easily beat it....
I miss the weeny back seat shopping holders
I miss being able to flip the windstop up and down (Tigra's screws in)

I am still anti pug's due to the brake problems and the distinct lack of help. However the Vauxhall dealer was pretty crap too (3 months to get a manual for the Sat Nav)

I do like the refined anti-shake & squeak of the Tigra, but would have definitely stuck with Pug engine & back seats. I probably won't keep the Tigra long due to the lack of performance.

All 206cc owners note that at the traffic lights you will kick Tigra butt.

So next car; a new SLK if poss! :lol:
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A very interesting read, as the Tigra is due to land in Oz towards the end of the year.
I guess your read gives me more incentive to wait for the 207CC :D
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Post by Derek »

I considered a new SLK when it came out last summer but the options list and costs were just silly.

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I was also considering new SLK for next car but options cost too much. Basic SLK has nothing on it :shock:
SLK200 with options what I wanted cost over 80 000euros here (basic car 55 000e) :shock: not worth it...
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I agree with your comments on the Tigra. I'm still happy with mine but it is a bit slow.

I've got the 1.8 and I'd say it's about as quick as the 2.0 206cc but fast it ain't :( It is a lot more economical though - I get about 350 miles on a tank which seems pretty good - although I'll have to check how big the tank is! :?
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works out at just under 36mpg - I used to get 32-33mpg in my 206cc.
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I have the 1.8 too but i have found that fuel economy is really poor as i am running it on hi ocatane (optimax) fuel and have got an induction kit and a straight through exhaust and improved performance is very noticeable.